5 Life Hacks to Live your Best Life!

“ Your future is not ahead of you, it’s trapped within you”

~ Myles Munroe

As we are living our lives we become easily consumed with everyone and everything around us. This can cause us to feel lost, or disconnected from ones self. So what does it take to give yourself the life you deserve? Here are my top 5 Life hacks your future self will thank you for.

1. Never stop Learning- Focus on building your portable equity. Your day is filled with learning opportunities as long as you are open to them.

2. Drive from your WHY- Everyday you make a choice about how you show up in the world. Have a cause that drives you and a belief that inspired you! Your purpose is power and it is fuel for your passion.

3. Decide who YOU want to BE- How do you want others to experience you? How do you want to experience YOU.

4. Seek Simplicity- it is way easy to make things more complex than they need to be. If you keep things simple, you can better adapt to change. Simplicity is the KEY to sustainability.

5. Cultivate An Attitude for Gratitude- Acknowledgement and appreciation are the most powerful rewards on Earth! You can cultivate your attitude for gratitude by being thankful for the good choices you make. Whenever you can’t find a way to be grateful for what you got, remind yourself how things could always be worse.

Ever since I started incorporating these life hacks into my daily life I have seen positive changes. I have also become stronger mentally! I hope you can take these life hacks and start living your life to the fullest and reaping all it’s rewards .

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