Reset Your Mindset!

Our mind can be our friend or our enemy, the way we think controls our life. Many years I had struggled with self image, doubt, and the fear of not being accepted. The voice inside my head just wouldn’t stop, I was letting it destroy me and my sense of self. How could I help myself start living my life with a positive mindset?

From a young age we are taught that the opinions of others is important and sadly we are often put down. This creates our minds to believe all the negative things said about us and eventually it destroys our own sense of self. After living with this type of destructive mindset it becomes hard to live a normal daily life, and we become consumed with depression and anxiety. The retraining process may seem near impossible, trust me! It isn’t! We are fully capable of creating new thoughts and patterns to create a better life.

Things I have learned that have been helping me is that our thoughts are simply, just thoughts. They are not facts and we can change them at any time! Once you are able to stop and notice your inside voice being negative you are then able to acknowledge them for what they are, and then let them go. We can then switch our thoughts to something positive and uplifting. Over time this will help our mind to have a less negative thought pattern. Remember you are not those thoughts that bring you down, you are a remarkable human being and you are a force not to be reckoned with.

Consistency is the key to mastering resetting your mindset. Below I will leave my top 5 steps that have helped me change the way I view myself, in hopes I can help you too.


  1. Positive Daily Affirmations
  2. Acknowledge negative thoughts and release them.
  3. Keep a Journal ( write what you please)
  4. Surround yourself with those who love you
  5. BELIEVE you are WORTHY!

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