Keeping Motivated!

How do you stay motivated? Do you often want to just throw in the towel and just do nothing? I am certain we have all experienced those moments, it can be a difficult thing to get out of. Life is a roller coaster of emotions, but once we can understand and believe we control the outcome through our thoughts it becomes easier to change the course..

I believe that our minds play the biggest role in our lives. This can be a blessing or a curse, if you let it! We all experience moments of self doubt, anxiety, fear & sadness, all of which will play part in not just our mental energy but our physical energy as well. Let me get you in on a life hack that most people don’t know how to activate, once you notice your “inner voice” getting negative CATCH it, notice it and then turn it into a positive. An example of that would be something like your inner voice going ” I can’t do this” change it say it out loud if you have to, redirect your train of thought to ” I CAN do this”. Doing this helps us to be able to stay in a positive state of mind, and we all know that what energy we give out to the universe, is the exact same energy we will receive.

When it comes to staying motivated we also need to take action! Our routines and habits must change enough that we feel good physically and emotionally. Remember it takes 14 Days to make or break a habit. We have to want the change more than we want to live on stand by just because it feels comfortable. Friendly reminder, it is O.K. to feel uncomfortable, that is when real change begins to happen. Some habits that I have made to help keep me motivated are in the list below!

  • My Daily Habits!
  1. Proper Morning routine ( ie: get ready for day, breakfast, check emails, texts, to do lists)
  2. Daily Affirmations/Journaling
  3. Spend time Outdoors
  4. Keep a Day Planner journal
  5. Treat yourself

At the end of the day we have total control. You are so much more capable than you think you are of achieving anything that you want in life. We have an endless amount of opportunities and we are limitless! Our energy is so powerful and when we use our minds to think in our favour we can do any thing that we desire. What are your passions? use them to give you a purpose so powerful you don’t have to work so hard to stay motivated. Let your passions burn brighter than your fears and you become unstoppable!

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