Living A Life Worth Living

Remember that you are an entire BEING! you were created in Gods image! We are here on this Earth for a reason, much bigger than we can comprehend. God holds us all within his grasp, we are never alone. I need you to think of all the times you have let something negative cross your mind that brought you down, realise that those negative thoughts you think of yourself are simply not true! You hold so much value in this world. Trust me I know how hard it can be to feel like you are “enough” especially when there are others who try to bring you down. When you hear something enough you start to believe it, right? Sadly more often than not we end up being convinced that we have no worth or we feel like we are stuck in the same cycle and never moving forward.

The evil in the world is always going to try to tear the good down! we have to remind ourselves of this and focus on Gods love for us and know that you are special. When things start to get tough and tear you down it doesn’t matter if we fall or break what matters is that we RISE and we OVERCOME! Life is a blessing and we only have one life to live. More people need to start focusing inward instead of outward. What drives you? What do you love about you? What things in life are you grateful for? These are all really good questions that we can focus on whenever we need to readjust our mindset. Time doesn’t stop for us, whether we choose to go out and do something with our life is up to us and we don’t have forever to make that decision. Life will keep changing around us on a daily, which is proof that our life can change too.

LIving a life worth living is vital for us all. When we stay stagnant we have no room for growth, no personal development, no new experiences. Truly no one deserves to live to just simply ‘exist’. We all have a purpose! Don’t give up on finding yours! Anything is possible in this life we live. We are limitless, anything we want to do is possible when we believe so and we put in the efforts to make it happen. Personally I don’t like the word “can’t” anymore. Who wants to live off all the ” I can’t do its”? I know I sure don’t! We are extraordinary and we are Unstoppable. Live your best life! Truly it is Amazing to be given the gift of Life, we need to cherish the time we have and be grateful. Keep your head held high.

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